Your group must create a wiki page to teach your topic to the rest of the class. After thoroughly examining your wiki page students in the class should be prepared for the unit test in your topic area.
Your wiki page must include:
  • all of the content covered in your section of the chapter
  • at least 2 links to credible websites related to your topic
  • at least 3 pictures related to your topic
  • at least 1 video clip related to your topic
  • an extra element which adds to the understanding of your topic and is unique to your website (ie. maps, graphs, quotes, games, music clips, primary sources...etc)
  • your group must electronically submit at least 15 review questions for the webquest. Students must be able to find the answers to all of the questions on your website and students that answer all of them should be prepared for the test questions in your area. (no multiple choice or true or false questions allowed)
  • Please remember that a portion of your grade will come from whether or not your website provides all of the info needed to answer the test questions.

In addition each member of your group will receive a grade for their role and a 20 point participation grade for each class work day.