Sailor's and Merchants of the Indian Ocean:
  • Between 1100 and 1500 the Indian Ocean was the greatest area of shipping and trade in the world.
  • Arab Muslim traders took control of the west trade lanes which were made famous by Sinbad.
  • Eventually Arab Muslims gained full control of the Indian Ocean.
  • People were attracted by the Chinese luxurious goods.
  • Muslim trade expanded and they started to trade from the Islands that we know today as the Philippines, Indonesia and others.

  • By 1500 china was the most economically advanced region in the world, it was a magnet for world trade.
  • The main products the Chinese traded was silk, tea, and porcelain.
  • common people in china could contribute to the silk trade by producing their own silk and making the amount of silk leaving china much more vast.
  • China's internal trade outweighed it external trade because its trade hub was so massive.
  • The song dynasty provided great agricultural and industrial productivity china's economy.
  • During the song dynasty the Chinese empire was overthrown by the mongols. The Chinese people would end up leaving much of their land. They were just one of the many lands the Mongols conquered.
  • The Chinese had one of the largest trade empires of the time.
  • The grand canal connected the north and south of china.
  • when the dynasties changed from mongol to ming maritime trade became less important becasue the ming focused on overland trade.
  • Many scholars needed to know multiple countries history so they could know their state for tradeing and if they are worth trading with and what there customs of trading even are.
  • Chinese ships were massive compared to other countries ships, . They were built extremely larged and manned by many men. There ships were one of the technologican advances at the time. According to Ibn Battuta the ships had permanatley rigged sails.
  • The chinese were more advanced then some of the other countries at the time.
Internal Trade:
  • In 1500 internal trade in China was extremely valuable to the economy.
  • Some of the luxuries the Chinese traded were grains, silk, and tea.
  • The Chinese had a good economy because they did well in there trades.
  • The black plague was spread through the Chinese ships it greatly led trade into worse trading economy because of all the death.
  • Eventually trade decreased in China and the Abbasid Dynasty
  • Kanchipura was a trade port that declined in prominence after the year 1000.

International Trade:
  • International trade helped the economy in China but not as much as internal trade.
maritime trade became less important as time went on in China while overland trade became much more of a source of income for china and much more important.
  • Sinbad helped with improving international trade becasue he gave trade with the silk road a good name and made people want to trade.
  • Rashid al-din served as an advisor to the mongols.

Pictures and Extra Element:
Chinese ship
great wall of china
map of the silk road
the silk road merchants

Silk Route