Sailors and merchants of the Indian Ocean
  • indian ocean was the major trade area.
  • emerging arab dominance based on knowledge learned from conquest of trading cultures
  • from the 8th to the 16th century arab muslim traders and sailors became masters of the western indian ocean sea lanes
  • until the 10th century much of the cultural influence came from India.
  • arabs did not sail further into the atlantic and pacific ocean because they had no reason to
  • arab sailors began to gain prodominace in the indian ocean,because they were lacking wood in arabia they depended on others to build their ships or make it out of teak from southern india.
  • The chinese ships were described by Ibn Battuata as Lockable cabins with lavatories, permanently rigged sails, and wooden tanks to cultivate fresh vegtables
  • chinese ships were consided "junk ships", but they had really huge ships

"Chinese Junk"
"Chinese Junk"

  • Rahid al-Din converted from judaism to islam, he served as principal advisor to persia's mongol rulers, and he wrote first world history
  • The chinese luxory included tea, silk and porcelain
  • China overthrew mongols during the Ming Dynasty
  • Mongols were divided into several warring tribes
  • Ming prohibited private overseers
  • Trade was really important to the chinese because it led up to agriculture and other innovative developments
  • the ming overthrowed the mongols.
One of many Chinese Luxories
One of many Chinese Luxories

Internal Trade
  • The internal chinese trade was way more significant then the external trade
  • marco polo arraived in china 1275
  • Kunlai Khan "mightiest man"
  • polo informed west china in late 1200's was richest most technoligically pollitically country in world
  • Agriculture had advanced and better soil prep and conservation
  • first printed book is copy buddhist Diamond sutura from 868
  • Chinese currency became popular in Japan that became most important medium of trade
    in 1024 china paper money was printed for the first time
Kunlai Khan "mightiest man"
Kunlai Khan "mightiest man"

International Trade

  • The grand canal didnt connect the agriculture region in west
  • Ming reconstructed and extended the grand canal
  • Under Song dynasty chinese technology was the most innovative in the world
  • Ming goverment prohibited private over sea trade by chinese merchants
  • Chinese became more consertive
  • China rendered the country vulnerably to newly rising power.
  • the grand canal connected because it was the cheapest way to ship grains and produce.
  • sinbads stole and plundered ships to gain wealth.

Grand canal
Grand canal

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